Do Wiper Blades Matter?

You could have the best tires in the industry…but if you can’t see the road then it doesn’t matter!

Do you find your windshield is streaky or dirty making it difficult to see? If so, come by our shop and we will determine what wiper blade is correct for your vehicle.

To keep your wiper blades working at their best we suggest having winter blades installed when you have your winter tires put on, and doing the same in the spring with summer wiper blades.

What Is The Difference Between Summer and Winter Wiper Blades?


Winter blades are designed so you don’t have to worry about ice freezing around the joints or between the bars and frame. The rubber on these blades stay soft and flexible, even if it is freezing temperatures.


Summer blades are designed with a thinner layer of rubber - this way the blade can make closer contact with your window. Usually these blades are made with mostly natural rubber because it works the best in mild and warm temperatures.