Steps to Buying New Wheels

Buying New Wheels in Kelowna, BC

Now that spring has arrived you can fulfill your dream of buying your car new wheels. Buying new wheels can be pricey so we want to make sure you make the right choice.

While our tire and rim experts are happy to help you find the best wheels for your vehicle, we figured we’d also help you before hand!

1 - Your Vehicle

This is the easiest step - Do you drive a car or a truck?

Most wheel manufacturers (ex: RTX) will usually organize their products according to vehicle type. That being said, make sure you are sorting based on either car or truck.

2 - Where Do You Drive?

It’s also good to keep in mind what you’re using your vehicle for!!

If you’re going to be off-roading, a smaller wheel will give more sidewall flex to protect the wheel from damage.

3 - Tire Size

So first thing - are you going to be buying a whole new tire and wheel package? If not, it is extremely important to know the size of your tires because the diameter of the rim needs to match your tires.

So, for example, if the tires on your vehicle are 205/55R/16, you need wheels with a 16-inch diameter.

4 - Rim Finish

Wheels have come a long way - there are now tons of different designs to chose from. Not only do your wheels have to match your taste but they also need to compliment your vehicle. Here are a few finish options available:

  • Black—gloss, satin or matte

  • Gunmetal (a fancy name for gray) – light, matte, dark

  • Machined

  • Milled – similar to machining, unique cuts are made into the aluminum to expose the metal look

  • Chrome

5 - Wheel Budget

A new set of rims can range from $500 - $4000. There are a few factors that determine the cost. For example: the bigger the wheel the bigger the price tag, chrome finish costs more than paint, etc.