New Tire & Service Warranty

Tire Warranty

Tire manufacturers offer a variety of warranties on the products they manufacture.

You will find various forms of satisfaction guaranteed promises from tire companies, such as time limited flat tire change assistance, roadside assistance, and tire life warranties. Other tire manufacturers will not offer the same warranties saying they do not need to because their products performance speaks for itself.

Cavell Excel Service Centre knows the ins and outs of Tire manufacturers' warranties; we will help you understand them before you purchase your tires and if need-be work on your behalf to ensure the Tire manufacturer delivers on its promise to you.

Service Warranty

Cavell Excel Service Centre stands behind our work and strives to ensure our customers are satisfaction.

Excel Tire Centres Service Support

If you are travelling away from Kelowna and experience a problem with tires purchased from us or from recent service work Cavell Excel Service Centre had performed you are encouraged to visit the local Excel Tire Dealer who can sort out your difficulties and get you back on the road. Each Excel Tire Dealer works closely with the other members of the Excel Tire Group in a seamless and transparent manner to stand behind our products and service work.